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7 Dec


Random Walk Drawing (Eye Chart). by Sarah Sze (born 1969). Mixed media, 2011. Currently on view at the Baltimore Museum of Art. 

Notes from the Baltimore Museum of Art:

Sarah Sze employs readily accessible objects to construct magically complex visual worlds. Influenced by Asian scroll painting while making Random Walk Drawing (Eye Chart), Sze used digitally cut paper to suggest craggy terrain or clouds. Thin blue strings arcing across the floor evoke pools of water, while the bright colors of a duster suggest a rainbow. 

Perhaps even more than their landscape equivalents, it is the vivid colors, varying surface textures, and alternately delicate and robust shapes of the items assembled that engage the eye. By carefully connecting all parts into a continuous network of forms, Sze demonstrates that even when stone, metal, and wood are set aside for less traditional materials, the need to build a balanced, integrated composition with a strong presence in three-dimensional space is still very much in the minds of contemporary sculptors. By incorporating eye charts, she provides a hint that close looking at the myriad details of her composition is critical. 




My comments: 

This work isn’t really a painting, but it is so fascinating and interesting to me that I could not neglect to post it one day. 

One Response to “Painting/Art of the Day”

  1. tara December 7, 2012 at 11:22 pm #

    i have a printers box with lots of little things on it that effects me the same way, but on a far more personal level. i wish i could step back and peak into my own thoughts, including those i have forgotten and it woudl have this effect as well.

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