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28 May

Untitled. by Laurence Salzmann (born 1944). Photograph, 1991.

Note on Updates:

I added a new page today that will chronicle my internship this summer with Laurence Salzmann. I also updated my page on the Modern Art course I took this semester as well as the Foundation Drawing course I took this semester, so check out those three pages!

Notes from

A Year in the Life of Rittenhouse SquareYou might say that I grew up in the shadow of Rittenhouse Square. I spent a good part of my childhood there. My parent’s house nearby made the Square quite accessible. My mother told me that I was first taken there in a pram in February of 1944. My older brother who used to like to tell tall stories told me that at one time the ocean had covered the Square and that pirates had their treasures there when the seas receded. He produced for me a pirate’s map, which indicated a large treassure, buried right at the center of the Square.

Needles to say I never found it.
The Square was for me as a little child a source of endless surprises and fun. The flower show with its candied lemon sticks was something I looked forward to each year. In the warm months, I sailed my sailboat to far away shores in the Square’s pond. Although over the years I have roamed far and wide from Philadelphia, the Square remains a familiar place to come back to, where friends and memories from the past are always waiting to be rediscovered.

This work was first shown at the Philadelphia Art Alliance in May 1995 as part of a larger show entitled: A Year in the Life of Rittenhouse Square.
Curated by Stephen Perloff

My comments:

I don’t know why, but for some reason I absolutely love this photograph, and I find it quite moving. Firstly I find it interesting because the dress of the people photographed and somehow even the overall tones of the photograph are very reminiscent of the 1990s, at least of the movies made in the 1990s. I think what’s amazing about this photograph is that all of its formal elements are so perfectly composed and in harmony with each other that it’s almost difficult to pull them apart and figure out exactly where the expressive power of this photograph comes from. There are lots of interesting lines going in different directions which balance the composition, I believe. The expressions on the figures’ faces are pretty interesting as well. They seem somewhat neutral in terms of emotions, but they are not blank. They are kind of mysterious, and they make you so curious as to what the lives of these people are like. I also wonder how they are related to each other: are they siblings, classmates, friends, lovers, strangers? And since this photograph was taken 22 years ago, where are they now?

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  1. tara May 29, 2013 at 1:36 am #

    The girl has three childrenand lives outside of pittsburgh (she isnt happy about this and hopes to move soon. The guy works in the IRS and is part of the group that held up tax exemption status to Tea party groups.. Both believe in global warming and dont go to church regularly.

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