Painting of the Day

8 Jun



Lake Homes. by Stacey Brown(currently living, not sure of birth year). Watercolor on paper, 2013. Currently on view at a Rittenhouse Square Art Festival, Philadelphia

Notes about artist from

Visual artist Stacey Brown, currently residing in Atlanta, Georgia offers an eclectic collection of original paintings for the contemporary art lover. Born and reared in Murfreesboro, North Carolina, his artistic journey of discovery began with aspirations for a career in graphic design. After graduating from the Art Institute of Atlanta, he embarked on a successful ten year career in his chosen field, but something was “missing” in his life. That something “missing” drew him to his paint brush, and he decided to pursue his true love, fine art. His passion for the arts has led him to a successful career as a full-time artist, expressing himself through acrylic paintings on glass, and watercolor on paper. He remains visually aware of his surroundings by incorporating colors that correspond with current contemporary trends, as well as remaining in tune with his roots with traditional landscapes, and urban neighborhood scenes that exude keen observations of everyday life.

Brown’s work has garnered popular attention by features in the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Décor Magazine, Jezebel, and Uptown Magazine.  He has been a featured artist on the nationally syndicated radio talk show host Tom Joyner’s Fantastic Voyage Cruise, and his work is in the private collections of Verizon Wireless, Nationwide Insurance, and Liberty Bank and Trust.  Most recently he created an original mural for the Sweet Georgia’s Juke Joint Restaurant located in downtown Atlanta.

Discriminating art lovers throughout the country and abroad collect his eclectic and contemporary creations, which has led him to emerge as a visionary artistic talent for the 21st century.

My comments:

I happened to be walking around Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia today and I found that there was a visual art festival occurring in the square. I decided to look around to see the artists’ work on display. One of the first artists I came upon was Stacey Brown, and I was instantly taken by his watercolor painting and the way he painted. It reminded me very much of Robert Delaunay’s window paintings:

Both artists use the colors in a similarly intriguing way that makes them look as if they are fading. The interesting thing, however, is that Brown’s painting employs watercolor on paper as a medium while Delaunay utilizes oil paint on canvas. Ultimately, both artists have used the color in a way that is dazzling. I talked to Brown at the festival today when he saw me taking photographs of the painting above, and he said that he achieves the effect of the color fading into the paper by making the paper itself wet first, and then painting on it. By the time he gets to the more detailed part of the painting, namely the houses, the paper has dried, so he can paint those sections of the paper without it blurring.

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