Back from my 1 1/2 year hiatus

6 Jan

As everyone can tell, it has been a very long time since I updated this blog. I did not want it this way, but unfortunately my sophomore year at Swarthmore College was overwhelmingly busy and tumultuous, and so this blog got lost as I focused on keeping up with schoolwork and juggling extra jobs that I took on.

The reason that I am not abandoning the blog entirely is that I had enjoyed writing it when I kept up with it daily, and it felt like good practice to document a history of my thoughts on paintings and all of my published articles and academic papers. In the next year, I will become a senior at Swarthmore, apply to graduate school, and hopefully have a summer internship at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. In other words, it is a pretty big moment for my art history career, and I want to remember it, and I want to have a catalogue of memories and thoughts on art from which I can draw in the future. 20 years from now I’ll probably find this blog very amusing, and I hope that’s because I will have grown so much between now and then. It is a new year now, and I am committed to my New Year’s Resolution of resuming this blog, and I have a lot of content to post from the things I have worked on while I have been away. It’s actually so much that I almost don’t know where to begin. I took several fascinating art history classes in the time I’ve been away from this blog, and it would take a full year of backtracking just to cover everything I learned about and saw in those classes.

So instead of staying in the past with everything I have learned and not getting the chance to start fresh, I decided instead that I will do one or two posts on each class, sharing the major papers I wrote that I am most proud of and discussing my favorite issues and artworks that were covered in each class. That will be coming up in the next few days. For anyone who is reading, thank you for visiting my site, I apologize for being absent for so long, and I will do my best to keep this blog current from now on.

2 Responses to “Back from my 1 1/2 year hiatus”

  1. Pastor January 6, 2015 at 7:09 pm #

    Good to see you back. Missed seeing you at Christmas! God bless, Pastor

  2. Pipsqueak January 6, 2015 at 9:16 pm #

    glad this blog is back. I have missed reading it!

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