Artists That Make Life Worth Living

For artists to make this page, they cannot merely be noteworthy or passable artists. They must truly make life worth living. They must produce art that is so moving, so incredible, it leaves one mesmerized, brought to their knees by the realization that God provided humankind with a person capable of creating artwork for which, at the end of the day, no words exist. This is my personal list of artists that accomplish that for me.

Rene MagritteRene Magritte

Marc ChagallMarc Chagall

Andy WarholAndy Warhol

Henri RousseauHenri Rousseau

Joan MiroJoan Miro

Pablo PicassoPablo Picasso

Paul Klee

Edward Hopper

Wassily Kandinsky

Marcel Duchamp

Salvador Dali

El Greco

Caspar David Friedrich

Robert Rauschenberg

Gustav Klimt

Henri Matisse

Chaim Soutine

Giorgio de Chirico

Edvard Munch

Auguste Rodin

Richard Serra

Ad Reinhardt

Man Ray

David Hockney

Keith Haring


One Response to “Artists That Make Life Worth Living”

  1. jespatty January 27, 2013 at 1:41 am #

    i dont see holt scotto….

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