Experiences in Modern Art: the survey course at Swarthmore

Day 1: Rococo

Day 2: British 18th Century Artists

Day 3: 18th Century Genre Painting

Day 4: Neoclassicism Part 1

Day 5: Neoclassicism, Part 2

Day 6: Romanticism, Part 1

Day 7: Romanticism, Part 2

Day 8: Romanticism, Part 3

Day 9: Romanticism, Part 4: Landscape

Day 10: Realism, Part 1

Day 11: Realism, Part 2

Day 12&13: Manet and Impressionism

Day 14: Impressionism Part 3, Degas, Cassatt, Morisot

Day 15: Seurat and Cezanne

Day 16: Cezanne and Rodin

Day 17: Moreau, Redon, Gauguin

Day 18: Van Gogh, Munch

Day 19: The Nabis, Art Nouveau

Day 20: Fauvism and Matisse

Day 21: Picasso, Braque, and Cubism I

Day 22: Picasso, Braque, and Cubism II

Day 23: Paris before World War I: Brancusi, Delaunay, Duchamp, Futurists

Day 24: Expressionism in Austria and Germany

Day 25: Europe Between World War I and II: Constructing Towards a More Ideal Future in Paris, Holland, and Germany

Day 26: Europe Between World Wars I and II: Dada and Surrealism, Part I (Bauhaus, Kandinsky, Klee)

Day 27: Surrealism, Part II

Day 28: United States, Part I

Day 29: Abstract Expressionism

Day 30: Abstract Expressionism, Part II: Color Field and David Smith

Day 31: Modernism; Hard-Edge, Minimal, Conceptual

Day 32: Post-Modernism

Day 33: Pop Art

Day 34: Earthworks

Final Essay: For this essay I had to synthesize the information of three articles of my choice from the course syllabus (posted below) and explain how they contributed to the overall course.

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