The Art of Disegno Interno: Foundation Drawing at Swarthmore, Spring 2013

This page will be dedicated to documenting what I learn in this course as well as presenting photographs of the drawings that I complete for the course. So you have an idea of how the class is structured, our professor today told us that Tuesdays will be reserved for discussion and critiquing each others’ work, while Thursdays will be for working on assignments or practicing what we’ve learned. According to our syllabus, the semester will be divided into three parts:

1. The Natural Gesture

Elements of Pictorial Design:

Line, Size, Repetition, Unity, Shape, Proportion, Direction, Texture, Alteration, Balance, Contrast, Dominance

Associated readings from:

Henri Matisse, Letter to Henry Clifford

Nathaniel Goldstein, The Art of Responsive Drawing

Artists to study:

Ingres, Katherine Bowling, Jennifer Bartlett, Pablo Picasso, Hsu Wei, Mary Cassatt, Jane Freidlicher, Chaim Soutine, Edwin Dickinson, Henry O. Tanner, Willem de Kooning, John Constable, Joan Nelson

2. The Problem with Perspective

Working with one, two, and three-point perspective, negative/positive or figure/ground relationships, directional line or planer active recession, and atmospheric perspective

Associated reading and film:

Claudia Betti/ Teel Sale, Drawing, a contemporary approach

James Burke, Perspective and the Renaissance

David Hockney, A Day on the River with the Emperor of China

Artists to study: Piero della Francesca, Horance Pippin, Helen Frankenthaler, Georgia O’Keefe, Edward Hopper, Lois Mailou Jones, Helen Meranda Wilson, Caravaggio, Corot, Balthus, Cezanne, Matisse, Lucien Freud

3. Light as Color

Color theory processes: complimentary, primary, secondary, tertiary, intensity of hue, value, transparency & opacity, local color, harmony & discord

Associated reading:

Hawthorne, Hawthorne on Painting

Artists to study: Degas, Joseph Bueys, Martin Puryear, Rodin, Alberto Giacometti, Louise Nevelson, Isama Noguchi, Marisol (Escobar), Antonio Lopes Garcia, Mel Chen, Bernini, Barbara Diduk, Camille Claudel

Each day I have class I will post a document here that discusses what we went over and any drawings I may have made:

Day 2: Rebels, Light, Darkness, and Chairs

Sophistication, Ellsworth Kelly, and the Shadows of Tree Branches

Images, Objects, and Hair: Embracing the Forest and Disregarding the Trees

Final Hair Drawing and Critiques

The Problem of Value: Drawing Still Lifes

A Beautiful Intent: Drawing Stairs with Perspective in Mind

Acrylic Painting: Much More than Just Drawing with Color

Final Weeks

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